Astrology 9 Year Cycle

Recently, I have been seeing things about astrology called a ‘9 year’. I did not know what it was so I started doing some research. According to Astrology, our lives consist of a 9 year cycle. Year 1 is the start of new beginnings in your life. Year 9 is the end of the cycle were one is called to review all aspects of their lives. It is about things ending, old memories coming up so one can heal, and doors closing. It may seem hard at the time, but it is because our new cycle is coming. Its like a blessing in disguise.

Now, there is a personal 9 year cycle and a universal 9 year cycle. Your personal 9 year cycle is based off your birthday. If you want to know what year you are in, google “astrology personal 9 year cycle calculator.” The universal 9 year cycle basically applies to everybody and the universe. 2016 was the 9th year of the universal cycle, meaning 2017 is the 1st year of the cycle. Personally, 2016 was my 9th year & 2017 will be my 1st year.

I have observed that a lot of people have had a shitty 2016- it almost seemed as if it was a trend. Maybe it was due to the 9 year cycle? I am starting to think I had such a bad year because it was my personal 9th year and it was the universes 9th year! Double the trouble ha.

Not only have I noticed people having a shitty 2016, but I have noticed people are so MOTIVATED for 2017! Personally, I have never felt this motivated in my life to make changes! I read that if you can not fully let go in your 9th year that some of the new and good things that were going to happen in your new cycle will have to wait until the next!

Anyways, whether or not you believe in astrology it is still pretty cool to put the pieces together. So if you have had a not-so-good 2016, just know that new beginnings are coming, doors are going to open, and everything that happened was a lesson to prepare you for what is yet to come!


9 thoughts on “Astrology 9 Year Cycle

  1. being-salty says:

    Such an intriguing article, thank you for sharing this! 2016 is the year of realizations in both professionally and personally fronts for me. I am glad that we’ve made out of it alive. Cheers to 2017 🙂

  2. celitheactress says:

    Great post! I felt the brunt of 2016 at the end. The beginning was a little rocky and so was the middle but the end was the big big one! I’m very motivated this year and so happy I was able to put 2016 behind me.

  3. ohannaaa says:

    This makes so much sense! Because 2016 really did seem like it wasn’t the great time for a lot of people and I felt the same way. Thanks for sharing this and I hope this new year will be a great one for you! 🙂

  4. strictmotivation4u says:

    the astrological and numerological values set the scene, but we are still beings with a free will and a free spirit. so regardless how teh scene is set, we are still the ones wgho create the outcome. even if there are stormy times, you can build a wind mill to us ethat energy. dont let circumstance dictate any outcome, neither good or bad #StrictMotivation

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