Consistency is Key

In the past I lost 40 lbs. 3 years later I gained it back and more.

That time that I was successful was the time I stayed consistent. I wasent perfect on my diet, but if I fell of the wagon I got right back on. If I cheated, I wouldn’t crash and burn, I would just continue on, almost as if it never happened.

And conistency, to me, is the biggest key to weight loss. You can be doing Weight Watchers, counting calories, Atkins, or just eating healthy and working out, but if you give up, and are not consistent, you won’t loose weight (obviously). 

Sometimes, when we “cheat” on our diet, we feel guilty, eat more, and quit. But when we stay consistent, even if we mess up here and there, we will see results.

Imagine your weightloss journey (or any kind of journey) is like a train. You get on this train heading to a certain destination (nice body & good health). When you are doing good, you are working toward your destination. If you mess up, imagine the train just stopping. It is not going backwards. It is not falling over. It’s not crashing. All you need to do, is keep eating right and working out, and you will keep going toward your destination. Now, if you catch my drift, if you turn this mess up into a give up, your train is crashing. Don’t let it crash. Don’t give up.

This post may be slightly just a pep talk for myself, but hey if it helps someone great! I fell off the wagon tonight. Usually, I would just straight up give up. But this time, this time it’s different. My train may have had a slight stop tonight, but it will keep going tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Consistency is Key

  1. itsatopknotlife says:

    My train also had a bit of a pitstop today and I was so hard on myself. But yes, you’re right we haven’t crashed, we’ve simply stopped and we will resume our journey tomorrow. Loved this. xx

  2. backtothehammer says:

    Knowing yourself can also have an impact. When I gave up smoking I didn’t say I would never smoke again as I knew doing so would make it harder to give up, so I gave myself a bit of forgiveness in advance and occasionally I do have one but have never gone back to heavy smoking (and it’s been over a year now since I had one).
    Like you my wife has been trying to lose weight and has occasionally fallen off the wagon but has persevered and is losing a few pounds most weeks. Keep at it and we will all support you. Love your words and the accompanying pictures.

  3. bmagpub says:

    Hi Julia. True words. Like many things, perseverance is the key. Just like giving up smoking, I found it easier to forgive myself if I had a cigarette, acknowledge that I hadn’t smoked for x days, and reset and restarted. My wife was a Jenny Craig consultant, and she always said “accept, forgive, move on ( with the good habits)”.
    I do Taekwon-Do, and two of the Tenets are perseverance and indomitable spirit. Both help with weight loss (& I certainly need that at the moment!).
    Be forgiving of yourself, and if your train stops now and again, look back to reflect on how far you’ve come.
    And keep the pep talks going!

  4. Cait says:

    Hi Julia!

    I just published a post that was initially inspired by your post about your weight loss journey. I did mention your username in the post but I’m having trouble linking it to your blog. Just thought I’d let you know!

    Cait x

  5. Michelle Hermanson Real Estate says:

    I agree with what you’re saying. The key I’ve found, each time I’ve been successful in life (diet, competition, challenge), is a full, deep, sometimes nonsensical faith/belief/trust/knowing that the goal is really just a destination that I need to act appropriately to reach. It’s along the lines of visioning, but rather than ‘seeing’ the end result, I must FEEL it. I must FEEL, too, that I am already that goal on the inside, and I just need to weather the battles on the way to revealing that future. Those times that I stalled, it was a matter of no longer being able to ‘fight the good fight’ for whatever reason. But each time, I’ve tried to take lessons from those down times, and look to those lessons to carry me forward towards my best future.

    In kindergarten terms, I might say it’s like a Hatchimal. It’ll take a lot of love and patient dedication to the massaging of current reality, to fully reveal a soul to the world; but a deep commitment to consistently being true to one’s is the ONLY way to be. The process is the ultimate ‘breaking through’.

  6. ladycee says:

    You are so right. No matter how many times we mess up or miss the target, instead of giving up, we should press on.
    Thank you for following my blog. Keep writing and may your consistency pay off in 2017.

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